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Visit to the Aidan Meller Gallery

posted on Thursday 26th July

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As part of our cultural activity programme this week, we visited the Aidan Meller gallery, a fascinating privately-owned gallery located on Turl Street in the centre of Oxford. Established in 1998, the gallery is home to some of the world’s most unique and interesting works of art.

Gallery Director Aidan Meller is a specialist in modern and contemporary art and runs a gallery from Oxford and London. With 20 years’ experience in the art business, he works closely with private collectors and is often consulted by those who wish to begin, or further develop their collections. He regularly has original works in the gallery by the likes of Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, to older works such as John Constable, Turner and Millais.

An author on the subject of the art market and western art history, Aidan has been consulted by the media as an expert in his field, with recent appearances on the BBC and Sky News regarding affairs such as the exhumation of Salvador Dali. The Aidan Meller Art Prize has received media attention as a valuable resource for the development of the arts.

Aidan’s art discoveries include a collection of Pre-Raphaelite cartoons for stained glass from Heaton Butler and Bayne and Powell & Sons. Celebrated as a major Pre-Raphaelite find, the collection was authenticated by inhouse and external experts. Presently, Aidan is working with other experts in the field of scientific procedures for the authentication of artwork.

Meller’s ancestral connection to the arts runs deep. His parents were historians who ran a small family museum; his father, in particular, is an avid collector of 18th-century work. Furthermore, his great-great grandparents worked on the Gopsall Estate, a Country House in Leicestershire and were surrounded by many treasures until the estate was sold.

The Aidan Meller Galleries continue to develop their art programs; their extraordinary growth was highlighted in 2016 when Aidan took on an Elizabethan Manor to showcase artworks, as well as the Gallery in Turl Street in Oxford. He now shows some of the rarest and most exciting works in the art industry.


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