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Summer in Oxford with Eckersley School of English

posted on Wednesday 29th May

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Eckersley School of English is situated in the heart of Oxford, one of the most historical, academic and cultural cities in England. The city is a vibrant and culturally-rich place to visit year-round, but it’s at its best in the summer when its parks and gardens are in bloom, the festival calendar is underway and the famous Oxford University colleges look their best against the blue sky.

Eckersley School of English also provides a Cultural Programme, which includes two activities per week, allowing students an insight into the history and culture of Oxford via activities such as guided walks and visits to museums and galleries.

Most courses at Eckersley School of English this summer contain either 27.5 or 18 hours of English tuition per week, allowing students evenings and weekends free to explore the city at their leisure and create their own experience. Here are some of our highlights of Oxford in the summer, allowing students to supplement their learning outside of the classroom and to make the most of their time in the city.

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Punting, a type of boat ride, is an Oxford tradition and a great way to explore the natural beauty surrounding the city. If you want to have a try yourself there are plenty available to hire from Magdalen Bridge, but chauffeurs are available if you’d rather just relax and enjoy the ride

Blenheim Palace

Located just outside Oxford is Blenheim Palace, the stately home birthplace of Britain’s most famous Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, with over 300 years of history. As well as the beautiful home filled with antiques and works of art, the palace is set in large grounds with lakes  – a perfect place for an afternoon in the sun.

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Open Air Theatre

Oxford’s Shakespeare festival is an annual event held at Oxford Castle and Prison. Outdoor performances for 2019 are scheduled to include Romeo and Juliet, Richard III, Macbeth and Twelfth Night. Not only is this a great opportunity to experience culture and performance, it’s also a great opportunity for English practise.

Visit the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is an area which begins just outside of Oxford, and has been designated an Area of Outstanding National Beauty. With rolling hills and small, picturesque villages this is where you can find the ‘postcard’ view of Britain. There are numerous options for walking and hiking, as well as visiting villages such as Woodstock, a short bus ride from Oxford, for a taste of life in the English countryside.

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Visiting Colleges

No trip to Oxford is complete without a visit to some of the famous colleges which make up Oxford University, such as Christ Church. They can be visited year-round, but the summer grants more opportunity as there are no students, so there are less restrictions on hours and access. The summer also allows visitors to appreciate the beautiful gardens which many of the colleges have.

Christ Church Meadow

The entrance to Christ Church Meadow is right in the city centre, next to Christ Church College. However you can quickly feel like you’ve taken a trip to English countryside, as you are able to walk through the woods and along the riverside. The meadow is incredibly popular in summer, and locals and tourists alike enjoy taking relaxing walks through it and enjoying picnics and socialising in the sun.