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A bespoke course for a university group

A group of university students from Italy visited us for two weeks in October to improve their English language skills and to practise their specialities of engineering in an authentic English speaking context. They joined the morning lessons of the Octorial programme and focused on their own specific area of interest in the afternoons.

The group
Students on a two year post diploma course which combines theoretical and practical aspects of the field they specialise in. At the end of their course, they achieve the qualification of junior engineer.

There are two specialisations within the group:

Mechatronics and Automation – These students co-operate to improve the efficiency of processes, the quality of products and of human and technological resources.

Network infrastructures, Virtualisation and Cloud Computing – These students co-operate to analyse, develop, test and evaluate the technical characteristics of the infrastructural system and to improve the performance of technological components.

In addition to the usual school day, guest speakers visited Eckersley School of English to talk about British Industry focusing on the students’ areas of speciality. There were also excursions to places of interest such as to the Automation Department of Oxford Brookes University and to the Oxford Mini Cooper plant.

Many of the students anticipate working with international companies where they will have to work in teams with English speaking colleagues.