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Studying English with us


The course improves the learner’s accuracy in the language and their confidence in the use of the language.  Progress is fast and this contributes to the increased confidence of the learner.  With this confidence, learners can elevate their own ambitions and they are able to visualise how their language skills can empower them in all areas of their chosen academic or professional career.  They see improvements in their own ability to connect with others and the their ability to manage information.

The course is designed to be challenging and academically rigorous, allowing students to achieve to the maximum of their potential. Students benefit from small class sizes (a maximum of eight students), and receive continuous assessment from tutors in the form of daily, weekly and monthly milestones.

Each session of the day is designed to deliver specific outcomes in accuracy or fluency in the language.

The school environment promotes a spirit of enquiry with tutors and students working together collaboratively.  Tutors and students share break times and lunch times and this builds an academic community in which learners feel comfortable and this leads to a natural progress in the language.

Morning Plenary

At the beginning of each day, a warm up session in which students give a short and informal talk in English

Spoken Performance Workshop

Exercises in the spoken word to increase confidence, improve pronunciation, engage an audience and communicate a message effectively

Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric

Grammar accuracy through instruction, drills and a wide range of exercises to build the skills required to present an argument or express opinion (in both written and spoken form)

Comprehension, Vocabulary and Précis

Reading, listening and summarising using a rich variety of texts and audio-visual resources

Team Project

Collaborating to construct a creative solution to a problem or task, using technical language, reasoning and project management skills

Composition and Text Analysis

Writing in a variety of styles and registers and composing ambitious pieces of writing

Mentored Dissertation

A personalised session in which learners focus on an area of special interest, such as exam preparation or specific professional content

Closing Plenary

To reflect on the day