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Refurbished Learning Spaces

posted on Thursday 14th March

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In the summer of 2018, construction was completed on extensive renovations to the Eckersley School of English building at 14 Friar’s Entry. The changes were made for the express purpose of creating a purpose-designed learning space in which the school’s students could practice their English.

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The renovated school offers students a contemporary, purpose-designed learning space. The new school grounds offer a variety of classrooms designed to fit the daily sessions of the school’s Octorial programme, with well-lit and spacious classrooms equipped with one-to-one desks for individual tutor contact, conference tables for class discussions, and comfortable communal spaces for workshops and team projects, as well as a lecture theatre for larger presentations.

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In addition, students can relax in break areas with tea and coffee facilities, our student lounge equipped with library and board games, or complete their homework tasks in one of our quiet study areas. In the summer months, our students can even observe the view from our brand-new summer roof terrace.

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All of these new facilities are built to accommodate every aspect of our course activities, from writing practise and text analysis to group discussion and spoken performance. The immersive, interactive environment encourages active engagement with authentic material, enhancing each of our students’ learning experience to the fullest.

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