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Reasons to Study English in Oxford

posted on Tuesday 6th August

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Reasons to study English in Oxford

A small university city, Oxford is easily navigable and students are quickly able to settle in and feel comfortable. The city has a bustling centre, with numerous shops, restaurants and cafes, as well as museums, galleries and theatres. The centre of the city is also close to several parks and open spaces, allowing students to spend time outdoors and enjoying nature.

The city centre area is easily walkable, and served with frequent bus routes for those who travel in each day, as well as being an incredibly cycle-friendly city

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Academic city

Oxford is perhaps best known for its world-leading university, the University of Oxford, the oldest in the English-speaking world, established in 1096. For centuries Oxford has been a hub of learning and academia, shaping the city into what it is today.

The historic colleges are open for visitors, and it is impossible not to feel inspired when visiting. The university is also home to impressive library, art and museum collections, allowing students the opportunity to broaden their cultural horizons in tandem with their English development through unique sources.

The university and other academic institutions host several free events throughout the year, such as talks, seminars and exhibitions which further expand students’ subject knowledge whilst providing authentic language practise.

The university also has strong links with Oxford Science Park, one of the most influential science, technology and business environments in the UK, home to over 60 companies. Other multinational companies such as Mini have bases in Oxford, and students are able to undertake tours of the facilities and learn more about the processes.

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Historic city

Oxford has over 1000 years of recorded history, much of which students are able to discover first-hand. Alongside the museums such as the Ashmolean and the Pitt Rivers, students are able to walk the historic streets visiting places such as the Queens Lane Coffee House – Europe’s first, established in 1654, the Turf Tavern – a pub dating back to at least 1381, and Oxford Castle – dating back to approximately the 12th century.

A short journey outside of the city is Blenheim Palace, an 18th century stately home which boasts an impressive art and museum collection, alongside vast gardens and alternating exhibitions.

Numerous tours of the historic city and university are available, including walking tours and bus tours, providing students with further opportunity for authentic English practise whilst deepening their historical knowledge.

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Located in the South East of England, Oxford provides easy access to cities such as the vibrant Bristol and the historic Bath, as well as areas of natural beauty such as the Cotswolds.

London is also just a one hour journey from Oxford via a frequent and convenient train service. In London, students have a wealth of culture and activities at their disposal as they explore one of the world’s most exciting cities.

Oxford’s proximity to London also provides easy access to major airports and train stations, which can be reached from Oxford with frequent bus and rail services.

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