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Online specialised English language coaching for professionals

One-to-one lessons offer the learner a programme which is designed precisely to their own unique requirements. In this way, the learner makes the maximum possible progress because the teacher is able to focus on their needs and their personal learning style in each lesson. Throughout the day, lessons can be supplemented with self-study. This helps consolidate the work done during lessons. Tutors set self-study exercises and give students direction and guidance to maximise the consolidation periods between lessons.

Individually focused learning

The learner achieves rapid progress as the content focuses on the aspects of training needed the most. Tutorials provide an opportunity for repetition of material in as much detail as required which provides the learner with an in-depth understanding of the lesson content.

  • The course content is tailored to personal academic or professional objectives.
  • Special attention is paid to individual areas of interest and learning style.
  • The time is used efficiently, concentrating on what is of highest personal priority.
  • Tutor and student work on a personal action plan.

Progress tracking and assessment

Learners take an entry level test prior to the start of the course so the tutor can identify the areas which the learner most needs to work on. The learner also completes a detailed Needs Analysis with a tutor who will adapt the course to ensure the professional or academic goals are met.  Progress is constantly monitored in weekly tests to track progress. Tutors set new goals each week to make sure the learner remains motivated and challenged throughout the course.

Areas of specialisation

One-to-one lessons allow students to develop their English in a specific area related to their profession.

Professional specialisation

Skills for career changes or progression may include interview techniques, writing C.Vs and cover letters, techniques for professional networking through social media and creating a professional presence online.

Areas of professional specialisation may include (but are not restricted to): Medicine, Law, Finance, and Engineering. Students develop specialist vocabulary as well as the language required to communicate in everyday work situations in their chosen field.

In addition the learner can develop skills in giving presentations, project management and leaderships to prepare you for a competitive international environment.

Tutors come from a broad range of professional backgrounds as well as having experience teaching English.

Flexible study

One-to-one lessons are a flexible way to study and can be tailored to meet the availability and language learning requirements of the students. Students may choose to study for any number of hours per week. Students may bring their own content which the tutor can work into the course. For example, if the learner is preparing for something specific such as a presentation or preparing a business proposal.

Course Information

  • Courses start  on any Monday throughout the year
  • Lessons are 60 minutes in duration

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