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English courses in Oxford

Craftsmanship in education: constant proximity to tutors in an environment of academia

At Eckersley School of English we deliver intensive English courses in the heart of Oxford, England, a city with a rich heritage of cultural and academic achievement.  Students are taught in very small class sizes which creates a collaborative training environment with constant proximity to tutors.  This close tutorship feeds students’ curiosity and inspires them in the creation of their bi-lingual identity.

The very small class sizes allow us to focus on each student’s own intelligences and give extra coaching where needed.  This creates a safe environment for experiment and creativity which gives the student the optimum conditions for the achievement of academic progress and for the development of a personal language style.  The school environment promotes discussion and inquiry which stimulates critical thinking and illuminates ideas.

Our students are motivated, open-minded and are in pursuit of extending their international horizons for either academic or professional purposes.  Programmes deliver a depth of language skill and a breadth of cultural awareness which gives learners a cosmopolitan perspective and a natural flair for international connectivity.


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