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The Octorial English Course in Oxford


The Octorial course programme is delivered in Oxford by Eckersley School of English.  The programme is for the student who needs to elevate their level of English either for academic or professional purposes.  As a result of the personalised coaching, students achieve confidence and accuracy in the language.

The programme enables the learner to navigate the English language and to use their language skills to pursue their academic or professional ambitions.  The programme delivers a number of valuable and important life skills to the learner such as the below.

Feel comfortable using the language

Express an opinion, present an argument

Research a topic and present conclusions to an audience

Master different writing styles

Lead a project or team in a collaborative task

Connect with others and integrate comfortably into conversation or debate

Read and understand a wide range of written material


The school is located in the heart of Oxford, a city with a rich heritage of cultural and academic achievement.  The central location of the school makes academic life easy, allowing students to access the museums and bookshops and cultural events of the city every day.

Students are taught in very small class sizes which creates a collaborative training environment with constant proximity to tutors.  This close tutorship allows students to progress quickly and inspires them in the creation of their bi-lingual identity.

The Octorial programme can be taken as a full-time or part-time programme.  It can be used to prepare for exams or for specific professional requirements.  It can be enhanced with one-to-one lessons.


Full-time English 

Part-time English 

IELTS Preparation 

Cambridge Exam Preparation 

One-to-One English 


At the core of our education is the Octorial Programme, a full-time English language course which includes 30 hours of tuition per week, taught in classes of no more than eight students. The Octorial Programme is academically rigorous, and allows students to make fast progress through a combination of language skills lessons, communication skills workshops and mentored independent study.

For students looking for a part-time option, the Essential Programme  includes 20 hours of tuition per week and access to the school’s facilities outside of lesson times.

We also offer full-time preparation courses for English proficiency tests such as IELTS and Cambridge exams, including the B2 First (FCE) and C1 Advanced (CAE) exams, which include regular exam practice alongside an intensive academic programme.

For students with specific needs, the Enhanced Programme includes 25 hours of the Octorial programme plus 5 hours of individual tuition per week.  In the individual lessons, the tutor tailors a programme to meet exact requirements of the learner. The individual lessons can be used to focus on areas of linguistic weakness or to focus on a specific are of interest, such as exam preparation or university admissions, or areas of professional specialisation such as English for law, medicine, finance, engineering, etc.

All programmes include two cultural activities per week, allowing students to discover the rich history and culture of Oxford.

  • The minimum age for courses at Eckersley School of English is 17 years
  • Courses start every Monday of the year


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